Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Karma is coming for you pizza man!

A relatively short trip for a small snack consisting of breadsticks at a pizza shop turned into a fiasco. I was told said breadsticks would take 5 minutes to cook...nope...took 30 minutes as I watched every customer who came in be served while I waited there like a fool. After finally taking them out of the oven black and burnt the pizza man had the audacity to try to give them to me in that condition and get me to leave. After demanding my money back he only infuriated me more with his excuses.

Karma price: 50 smacks on the ass with a pizza paddle!

Karma Police comin at ya!

This blog is for all those who can relate to being wronged and harbor the secret wish that karma will balance such injustices. Many of us would like to believe that a bad action will be rectified later on down the line....and if that is your belief then this blog is for you!